“But you’re neither friend nor foe though I can’t seem to let you go…”

Artist: Sara Bareilles

Song: Gravity

Album: Careful Confessions (2004)

A few weeks ago, my best friend told me this song reminded her of me and my complicated relationship with a certain somebody… makes sense, this song is about self-inflicted torture and so is that relationship! what is funny is that this song was my anthem the previous year when I was going through a particularly difficult phase, it spoke of me and my friend reminded me of the time.. but also of how much in love I was with this song!

I’m a Bareilles fan, from love song to gravity… shes as confused as me, one minute shes all independent I ain’t writing you a love song and the next shes crying about gravity pulling her to a person… I like her!

Another cool thing about the song is the video.. its one shot! (as far as I can tell!) and as wicked cool as that is, it must have been torture to shoot! so enjoy the song , it was special once upon a time!


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